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I’m Rianna Joyce, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Denver, Colorado.  My passion is to help individuals of all ages (6+) heal from trauma and trauma related mental disorders.   Everyone has their own unique story and I believe it’s my job to listen and watch in order to meet my client’s where they’re at. I provide a safe, supportive environment in order to assist them in healing from wounds from the past, while improving their sense of self and overall quality of life.

I am a License Professional Counselor and I believe in more holistic and mind/body-oriented treatment.  I have extensive experience and training in working with complex trauma and trauma related mental disorders.  I began my work as a therapist in 2008 at a Level 14 Residential Treatment Center for adolescent girls in Aurora, Colorado.  I later opened my own private practice in 2014 and I am now the Co-Founder/Director of Peregrine Counseling and Wellness. I have been a therapist for 10 years and I absolutely love what I do.  I am EMDR Certified and IFS trained.  I utilize a variety of modalities including EMDR, IFS, DBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, sand tray, anxiety reduction, improving self-worth, somatic/mind body connection, inner child work, and Canine assisted therapy. I also have a therapy dog, Motley.  

Rianna Joyce (she/her), LPC

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