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Dedicating time and energy to bettering self is courageous and powerful. Self-discovery and growth are not easy tasks and I’d be honored to support your journey. When working with me, you can expect to chat with someone who practices genuine curiosity and active listening skills. I aspire to learn about you, what your goals are, and how we can take steps toward those goals. Some ways to describe my style are empathetic, attentive, integrative, nonjudgemental, and supportive.

I earned my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver with an Undergraduate degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Sociology. My experience includes working with LGBTQ+ individuals, folks who experience distress around body image, interpersonal relationships, navigating depression/anxiety, and substance abuse counseling. I’ve worked in multiple settings including crisis stabilization, residential treatment, intensive outpatient programs, and school counseling.

My therapist passions include identity-affirming care, interpersonal relationship counseling, trauma-informed care, and looking through a systemic lens. The therapeutic approaches I gravitate towards include psychodynamic therapy, strengths-based therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), emotion focused therapy (EFT), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

Finding a therapist can be tough so I wish you the best in your search and thank you for reading!

Emily Tiede (she/her)

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