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We live in a time of social and political upheaval and are each faced with the question of how to act in our own lives during this crisis. Anxiety and other reactions are intensified in response to very real events. Anxiety can be a driving force for unique ways of acting, not by hiding away, but by passionately facing up to the problems of existence. 

I practice psychoanalytic therapy with adults facing a range of difficulties such as depression, anxiety, emotional disturbances, trauma, addiction, and spiritual issues. Psychoanalysis offers a space where you can speak freely, without inhibition, without censor. Unlike typical social environments that are ruled by judgment and social norms, psychoanalytic space is guided by the ethics of psychoanalysis. Over the course of treatment, symptoms may abate and become less distressing as you begin to recognize and live according to desire. Psychoanalysis seeks to clarify your motivations and inhibitions to help you determine the best way to live.


I am a psychoanalyst in formation and hold a Master’s degree from Saybrook University in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in existential-humanistic theory. I am actively engaged in the study of psychoanalysis along with a dedicated community of analysts. Psychoanalysis does not take place in a vacuum, it is responsive to socio-cultural conditions and is continually developed according to analytic experience. I currently study Lacanian Psychoanalysis at the Clinical College of Colorado and am completing a doctorate in clinical psychology with a specialization in existential-humanistic psychology at Saybrook University. 

Speaking with a professional can be the first step toward solving problems in living. Contact me if you have any questions, we can schedule a time to talk and determine if my practice is a good fit for your needs. I am currently available for remote and in-person consultations in Denver. 

Benjamin Ramey (he/him)

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