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I use a number of primary approaches in sessions with clients, with a non-pathologizing, warm, spacious, non-judgmental outlook which is nervous system aware and trauma-specific. I am a certified Brainspotting therapist, and usually combine this with Somatic Experiencing, as well as parts work including IFS approaches, with additional use of Gestalt, art or nature-based therapy, amongst others.


I am trained in PACT and other relationship/couples training approaches, sex-positive, contemporary sex therapy certifying through the Sexual Health Alliance and other orientations including dance/movement somatic sex therapy, and have certified with multiple ketamine / psychedelic therapy trainings. I also have additional training in grief, working with attachment, aggression, and a number of specialized areas. Prior to training as a therapist, I obtained a multi-year Addictions Specialist certification and Drug/Alcohol Counselor certification in California. These specialized, trauma-specific ways of working with clients rest on the foundation of my mindfulness-based, Buddhist /Contemplative Psychotherapy masters program at Naropa (‘18-‘21). 


The Contemplative program imbues therapists with a non-pathologizing orientation, where the persons essential nature is seen as intelligent, inherently compassionate, and capable. This approach overlaps with much of Brainspotting, IFS and the ketamine / psychedlic therapy approaches — with skilled, compassionate facilitation, much healing and growth can be accessed from within. 


I firmly believe that our clients achieve greater freedom, healing from sometimes very complex medical conditions, addictive coping strategies and all manner of intense conditions, when we engage their total selves in the ways in which I’ve been trained. I also believe this goes beyond just reducing or relieving pain: the same principles apply to helping creatives, musicians, performers, athletes and professionals excel in their work, passion and personal lives. I am trained in helping people enrich their lives in addition to trauma resolution. I am also experienced in working non-judgmentally with people from a vast range of spiritual, religious and cultural backgrounds, diverse gender identities and sexual orientations, relationship structures, and preferences. I had exposure to trainings in sex addiction models which were often pathologizing, and have migrated my training to a more sex-positive model which can address complex sexual issues which may feel out of control. At the same time, I will work with any client, whether they prefer twelve step or religious frameworks, or secular approaches.


I believe a compassionate framework can still have rigorousness within it when useful; balancing effort, rest and can be a part of each client’s process. Ultimately, I hope to walk alongside clients as they move through difficulty, and help them experience more pleasure, safety and peace in their lives.

Joel Shane (he/him), MA, LPCC


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