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Throughout our lives we are faced with numerous obstacles and challenges. In our ever-changing world we find ourselves being tested, forced to face difficulties and master ongoing challenges both large and small in our everyday lives. Change can be overwhelming and painful, yet it is possible and more importantly, essential to achieve peace, harmony, and balance within.  I approach my practice with a holistic treatment perspective.  By addressing our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs, we are better equipped to reach our fullest potential to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. 

I graduated with my Master’s in Social Work from New York University and bring 18 years of experience successfully working with children, adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, psychosis, mood disregulation, addiction and complex personality structures. I have worked in the public and private sector providing treatment in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

By taking a holistic approach in my practice, we work together to identify the best path to address and overcome the challenges you are facing.  Change and self-improvement is not a journey you should face alone, it is a journey that should be filled with guidance, support and encouragement.

Jessica Curtis (she/her), LSW


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