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Hello, my name is Samuel Zahr, a dedicated intern counselor currently on the journey toward my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Nova Southeastern University. Growing up in the rich cultural mosaic Miami, Florida, has instilled in me a deep appreciation for diverse cultures.

In addition to English, I'm fluent in Spanish, adding a linguistic dimension to my ability to connect with individuals from various backgrounds. Outside of my academic pursuits, rock climbing or hiking with my dog, Moose.

My counseling philosophy revolves around the profound impact of a personalized approach. I firmly believe that creating a judgment-free and empathetic space is crucial for clients to openly express themselves, fostering trust and laying the foundation for a meaningful therapeutic relationship.

It's in these genuine connections that I can really discover the nuances of each client's personality, preferences, and goals. This understanding allows me to adapt counseling techniques, ensuring they align with the unique needs of those I work with. My experience includes play therapy with adolescents aged 6-12, working with the LGBTQ+ community, and neurofeedback therapy.

Samuel Zahr (he/him)
Intern Therapist, Bilingual


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