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I’m Kendra, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher in Denver Colorado. I obtained my Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Minot State University in 2014 and my Master of Social Work Degree from Colorado State University in 2017. I have experience working with individuals, groups, and families who have experienced trauma both in a community and outpatient setting. I began my work as a therapist at a Day Treatment program in Aurora, Colorado where I worked with middle school aged children and families who had experienced complex trauma. I later continued my practice as a community-based therapist and continued my focus with individuals and families who are experiencing symptoms related to traumatic and/or stress-related experiences. Specific modalities I utilize are cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and movement (Yoga-Mind/Body Connection), family systems, and person-centered.

I aim take a holistic approach with my client’s and acknowledge that we’ve all encountered different walks of life, with each person’s needs being unique. I work to help people understand the mind-body connection and how our past experiences shape the habits we have formed today. As a therapist I seek to provide a safe open space for client’s to be supported and heard. I seek to bring out people’s strengths and help them accomplish goals they once thought they were limited from due to their current struggles. I believe in teaching people new skills and habits that better align with what they believe will makes their lives more fulfilling.

Kendra Kovash (she/her), LCSW,
Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor

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