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Asking for help is a courageous step in overcoming past and present struggles. You are truly the expert on your life, and I will provide a safe place to guide you on your path of recovery.  I am a licensed professional counselor with over 17 years of experience working with teens, families, and individual in outpatient and inpatient settings. I work with varying levels and types of mental health needs. I specialize in complex trauma disorders, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and behavioral issues. I enjoy supporting young adults in individual and group settings around commonly shared struggles such as body image, assertiveness, social anxiety, relationships, sexuality, identity, and more.  I utilize different techniques from dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, strength-based, solution focused, and canine assisted in supporting clients.


I received my bachelor’s in Psychology in 1993 at Colorado State University Pueblo and worked with at-risk youth until I returned to school and obtained my Master of Counseling at Adams State University in 2005. I spent the next 10 years working in residential treatment with youth and their families, where I developed a Native American program and sexual trafficked youth program. Later, I worked at an inpatient facility, helping adults with significant mental health illnesses and/or substance use transition into the community. I am grateful I can continue to support clients on their path to wellness and look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Sheryl Schwartz (she/her),  LPC

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