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I obtained my Bachelor of Social Work degree from Lipscomb University in 2021 and my Master of Social Work degree from the University of Kentucky in 2022. I began my work as a therapist working with youth and young adults to help manage symptoms of psychosis, process trauma, and explore their sexual identities. I later continued practicing with high school aged youth and their families’ exploring friendships, academic struggles, and high acuity depression. Specific modalities I utilize include cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, expressive arts, canine-assisted therapy, and parts work. 


In my work as a clinician, I don’t like to think of myself as the expert, that would be you. I may know techniques, but your struggles, achievements, and life experiences are yours and yours alone. One of my favorite sights in the world is a rainbow. Rainbows are bright, brilliant, and beautiful. However, they aren’t seen every day. They only grace us with their presence after the rain comes and the sun finally shines again. That is my hope for you or your child as you take this journey. The rain is cold and gloomy, but together we can walk until you see the rainbow. And remember, all rainbows are made of different hues. There is no one perfect path, I’m just glad you’re here to find yours. 

Hannah Pipher, LSW (she/her)

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