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I am a compassionate, open-minded, and caring bilingual (English/Spanish) family therapist practicing in Denver, Colorado. I am EMDR-trained and primarily work with individuals, couples, and families specializing in healing interpersonal relationships, trauma, and attachment disorder. I was born in south Florida, raised in Cozumel, Mexico, and ultimately found myself relocating to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Upon relocating to Denver, I followed my passion for working with children and families by pursuing my Master of Arts degree in Counseling Couples and Families from the University of Colorado at Denver. 


As a family therapist I believe that we are all hardwired for connection. By taking a holistic, multi-systemic and multi-generational approach, we are better able to gain insight into what may be holding us back and stuck in negative patterns so that we may propel ourselves forward on a path towards healing, growth, and meaningful connection for ourselves, our families, and future generations to come.

Katie Almond (she/her), LPC, MFTC
Bilingual (Spanish-English)


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